• Are You Already Fed up With Crowded Beaches?

    Are You Already Fed up With Crowded Beaches?

    Also, are you already fed up with crowded beaches? Also, with envy, you are watching the snow-white Virgin Islands Sailing Charters disappearing into the horizon, or the Sailing Motor and yacht charters flying around your beach on the surface to send some juicy curses to their address, after a wave running ashore flushes your blanket with your cell phone? Don't despair! There is nothing easier than to enjoy such a holiday.

    The captain's cap, which you see in the harbor drinking coffee on board a beautiful 15-meter yacht with an US flag, does not have to be a millionaire in rent. The opposite is true. The vast majority of Yachts are only rented, while the cost of renting a Yacht per person and day is not significantly different from the price for hotel accommodation at the above-mentioned crowded beach.

    On the yacht, however, you have the opportunity to visit places where you will otherwise be difficult to reach. You can be your entire vacation aside from civilization on Virgin Islands, just like visiting ancient towns full of tourists. There is no more beautiful swimming than from the deck of a yacht in crystal water Virgin Islands. You can be in a different place every day to discover a much larger area than your land holiday. Moreover, who wants to ride in a 30-degree heat by car for trips around?

    Virgin Islands Sailing Charters are fully equipped with everything you need to live. As a rule, you only need a swimsuit on a yacht, and these are not usually needed. The cabins are mostly double to triple. Each Yacht has one or more toilets with washbasin and shower. There is always a fully equipped kitchenette with gas stove and oven, refrigerator, dishes and everything needed for cooking in the common salon. However, if you cook, or visit picturesque cafes and pubs on the coast, it is up to you. You will often find them on a Virgin island operated only by Inthewild. The standard equipment of the yacht also includes bedding, inflatable Yacht, autopilot, depth gauge, speedometer, GPS satellite navigation, VHF radio, radio - CD player, necessary maps and of course there are also rescue equipment such as Rescue Island, waistcoats, harness or signal rockets.

    There are many ways to spend your holiday on the yacht. In summer, family stays predominate, not only because of the summer holidays of our youngest, but also for quiet moderate weather and the sea, which will not cause your precious moments the first time trauma and vigorous rejection of another such holiday. On the contrary, more experienced Inthewild prefer spring and autumn months when "it blows" and the level of adrenaline in the fight against wind and waves can go up. In short, a yacht can come to everyone, just try what they like.

    First you need to choose the right yacht. Rented prices vary by Yacht size, Yacht age, and season selected. Furthermore, you need to clarify in what number, how many adults and how many children will take you to the ship and if someone can sleep in the salon or not. Most of the Virgin Islands yacht charters allow 1-2 crew members to sleep in the salon, which, of course, brings a better price per person, but also the need for greater consideration by others.

    Our offer is with a US skipper, but if you own a license to drive a Yacht, we will be happy to arrange the Yacht itself.

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